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Webinar: Selecting Suppliers to Help You Build Medical Devices
Understand the Best Practices to Tackle Issues, Avoid Risks, and Meet Regulatory Expectations

Speaker: Maren Nelson, M Nelson Consulting

Selecting-Suppliers-to-Help-You-Build-Medical-Devices2.jpgMost businesses use suppliers to provide goods and services to supplement their internal resources. The type of goods and services vary widely, and for a medical company may include purchasing standard components, design and manufacture of custom components, regulatory advice and submissions, and clinical study protocols and execution. Using suppliers is an excellent way to get access to skills and technology that aren’t available internally.

However, using suppliers may also create wasted time and effort on the part of the company and the supplier.

After both working with suppliers and being a supplier, Maren Nelson has learned some key factors to consider at the beginning of a relationship that can help achieve the desired result. Rushing to start a project often means these key steps get overlooked or set aside for later.

In this webinar, Maren covers:

  • when should you consider using suppliers
  • the key differences between standard/OTS and custom part suppliers
  • methods and tools for managing suppliers
  • how to transition between suppliers and internal resources.

If you are considering using suppliers or are already using them—for services or for goods—you won't want to miss Maren’s presentation on supplier relationship best practices. 

About Maren NelsonMarenNelson.jpg

Maren Nelson has developed multiple medical devices during her career. Her projects have included internal and external resources for both the development and manufacturing of new products and product changes.

Maren currently consults on medical product development strategy and Quality Management System implementation and improvements.

Prior to her current role, Maren was a Senior Director at Physio-Control, where she led the R&D Engineering team responsible for monitor and defibrillator development. Maren also supported regulatory compliance activities for Design Controls and externals audits.

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