Prepare for your next biopharma partnering deal with resources from biotech licensing, partnering and business development experts who have worked with ShareVault to provide these webinars and white papers:

Webinar Discussion: Part 2: Must-Know Finance Concepts for Life Sciences Valuations

This white paper is a continuation of the first, entitled "Must-Know Finance Concepts for Life Sciences Valuations." It goes into more detail on the key concepts and most common methodologies used to evaluate life sciences assets. 


Web Panel Discussion: The Nuts & Bolts of Due Diligence in Biopharma Partnering

View this recording of a lively discussion about the best practices in due diligence with the goal of forming productive biopharma partnerships.

Biotech licensing and pharmaceutical business development consultant Linda Pullan was joined by six panelists who are experts in the field of biopharma partnering due diligence.


Must-Know Finance Concepts for Life Sciences Valuations

Jeff Karan and John Selig, Mavericks Capital

If you are an entrepreneur who is, or will be, raising financing, licensing an asset or selling your company, a private investor who wants to estimate and negotiate start-up share value, or any other professional who is active in the investing sector, you'll benefit from this overview of the key concepts used in life sciences valuation discussions.


Essential Steps to Successful BioPharma Partnering
Gautam Aggarwal, Triangle Insights Group

Successful BioPharma partnerships don't happen by accident. And negotiating an out-licensing deal can be a daunting task – especially since the company may also be progressing the clinical portfolio. This webinar will provide you perspectives on the major steps required for a successful transaction.

Essential Steps to Successful BioPharma Partnering

Getting Ready for a Biopharma Partnering Deal
Linda M. Pullan, Ph.D., Pullan Consulting 

The right time to seek a partnering or licensing agreement and who to seek it with can be a daunting task, but breaking it down into the major elements that need to be considered will help you to develop an actionable plan. In this webinar, Linda Pullan provides actionable advice for biotech business development leaders on how to get ready for a partnering deal.

Getting Ready for a BioPharma Partnering Deal

Valuation of Your Drug Candidate 
Linda M. Pullan, Ph.D. Pullan Consulting

In this webinar, Linda Pullan provides a tour of how both sides of a deal think about valuation, including a review of the different techniques and key variables, and an overview about what makes a drug candidate more valuable to a partner.

 Valuation of Your Early Drug Candidate

Building a Better Partnering Presentation
Linda M. Pullan, Ph.D., Pullan Consulting

To get a partnering deal done, you must persuade people you may never meet that your opportunity is the right one for them The partnering presentation, whether an elevator pitch, a one-pager, or a non-confidential deck, plays a key role in getting to a deal. In this webinar, Linda Pullan shares lessons she's learned over 20 years of doing in-licensing and out-licensing deals, with big companies and small companies.

 Building a Better Partnering Presentation

How to Win at the Partnering Game
Linda M. Pullan, Ph.D., Pullan Consulting 

An overview of biotech and pharmaceutical partnering with facts, fallacies, and tips. In this webinar, Linda Pullan provides a review of the rules of the partnering game - whether it's partnering from preclinical to late clinical development - to provide an understanding of what to expect in moving from introductions to negotiations of a license or acquisitions and how to win with a clear strategy.

 How to Win at the Partnering Game

Successful Biotech Licensing Negotiations
Linda M. Pullan, Ph.D., Pullan Consulting 

Biotech companies seeking to partner their drug candidates should decide in advance what they want to achieve in deal negotiations. Getting the best outcome depends on non-financial, as well as financial terms. In this webinar, Linda Pullan discusses negotiation goals, BATNAs and power, the process to the deal, the basics of term sheets, and common deal structures.

 Successful Biotech Licensing Negotiations

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