CRO Selection Checklist

Sponsors understand the importance of selecting the best Contract Research Organization (CRO) or niche service provider for their strategic product development. To do so, sponsors need to invest in making an informed decision. The way to do that is to map out your process.

An example workflow:

  1. RFP sent to qualified CROs/Niche Vendor

  2. RFP Questions received from bidders and Question/Answer document provided anonymously to bidders

  3. RFPs received

  4. Proposal Scorecard finalized

  5. RFPs scored

  6. RFP finalists invited for bid defense

  7. RFP scoring finalized

  8. Top CRO/Niche vendor notified of win and requested a final scope and detailed budget

  9. Top CRO contract negotiations

Sponsors that understand the process and practice strategic sourcing, typically plan better reducing future challenges. Creating documentation that communicates your procurement needs allows for a best fit outsourcing approach. This checklist is an example of the materials to be created by the sponsor as well as those to be received from bidders.

This underscores the importance of having an electronic trial master file that is populated with comprehensive program materials that start with CRO selection and are available at all times.

This checklist was provided by NeoTrials, LLC.



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