The following videos are available to give you an understanding of ShareVault's features and benefits:

1. ShareVault Overview Demo Video (13 minutes)

2. The Top Ten Ways ShareVault Secures Your Confidential Documents Better Than Anyone Else (30 minutes)

3. Can a Virtual Data Room Really Accelerate Due Diligence? (32 minutes)

4. Collecting Valuable Deal Intelligence Using ShareVault (22 minutes)

5. Two-Step Verification (Two-Factor Authentication) (7 minutes)

1. ShareVault Overview Demo (13 minutes):

This demo video provides an overview of how to set up ShareVault to organize your confidential documents and share them with outside parties.

2. Webcast: The Top Ten Ways ShareVault Secures Your Confidential Documents Better Than Anyone Else 

Find out how ShareVault is built for security, specifically in these ten ways, which make sharing confidential documents with third parties using ShareVault the most secure way to share.

3. Webcast: Can a Virtual Data Room Really Accelerate Due Diligence?

Find out how a good Virtual Data Room can significantly accelerate due diligence in two primary ways: preparation, document review.

4. Webcast: Collecting Valuable Deal Intelligence Using ShareVault

Most people know that a data room provides an efficient way to securely share documents with external parties during business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, equity fundraising, and so forth.

But what most people don't realize is that a data room can provide valuable deal intelligence, giving you advance notice of topics of importance during negotiations, or can tip you off to the most interested party in a bidding 

Very few VDR's offer both page-level tracking and time-based monitoring of who's seen what and when, prowar.

viding detailed audit trails for compliance and insightful deal intelligence into your users' document review progress.

ShareVault's flexible and powerful reporting tools include a "heat map" display to clearly indicate with color-coding who's been the most active in your data room. View the webcast to learn more.

5. Demo: Two-Step Verification (Two-Factor Authentication)

On August 10, 2015,  ShareVault announced Two-Step Verification (2SV), also known as two-factor authentication, which further increases the security of ShareVault, while adding only a few extra steps to the activation and login steps for users of ShareVaults protected by 2SV. Verification works by sending a code by SMS text message to the user's mobile phone, or by using the Google Authenticator app on the user's smart phone. Watch the video to learn more about how this enhances security and is still easy to use. 


the demo video and/or webcast:

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