Achieve High Valuation with Strategy

When asked "What would have most favorably impacted your deal?" CEOs and CFOs said, "Providing more detailed information to the buyer during due diligence." 

Whether you are sell or buy side, it's important to understand what the most successful deal makers look for throughout the due diligence process. 

This white paper by David Stastny, Managing Director of Centaur Partners, outlines what successful acquirers are looking for:

  • Strength: market share, sales, team 
  • Ideas: IP, patents, trademarks, branding
  • People: investors, employees, customer base, ecosystem, press
  • Competition: market advantage, execution advantage, sector growth

David highlights critical "due diligence" focus areas while offering "real world" guidance, so you position your company for optimal valuation. 

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For Infographic emailNEW.pngWhen selling a company, preparation is key. Being prepared for an exit well in advance of the M&A process shows interested parties that you’re in control of your business, that you’re goal-focused, and that from the beginning you’ve had a plan for an organized and smooth integration.

It also greatly increases the speed of due diligence. In due-diligence, time is not your friend; the longer the diligence process, the higher the probability that challenges, along with price adjustments, will occur.   

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