September 2017

During this discussion, founders provided guidance on how executive teams can partner business and science together to overcome the stumbling blocks along the way and achieve successful results. Request a recording of the web panel discussion on how to successfully move a life science organization from founding to exit. Learn what is real and what is myth!

Hear real stories from people who have hit the trenches from the entrepreneurial business CEO perspective and have run the gauntlet to an exit. Founders provided insight on when to bring on new talent and skill sets,  when to engage partners, investors and board members and how to recognize the need to evolve as your company changes.

Watch a recording of the web panel for an insightful discussion on…

  • Investor perception: science, business and the balance
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: how up-rounds, down-rounds, growth and failures impact people involved, and the ultimate outcome
  • How to listen, select and grow from feedback
  • The importance and challenges of timing, science and passion
  • How to manage change in science, corporate needs and people
  • Differences in the sector and in the exit type

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Web Panel discussion