October, 2012

To get a partnering deal done, you must persuade people you may never meet that your opportunity is the right one for them. The partnering presentation, whether an elevator pitch, a one-pager, or a non-confidential deck, plays a key role in getting to a deal. A presentation needs to answer the partner’s first questions and make them want to learn more. In this ShareVault Webinar, Linda Pullan of Pullan Consulting shares the lessons she has learned from over 20 years in the drug industry, doing in-licensing and out-licensing, with big companies and small companies. Real examples will be shown, along with tips on content, organization and style, all aimed at strong clear communication of the value of your opportunity. Join us!


  • The Partnering Process
  • Key Questions to Answer
  • Types of Presentations and What Should be in Each
  • Structures and Style Tips

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