April 20th, 2017 11a-12p PT / 2p-3p ET


In this webinar, David Stastny, the Founder and Managing Director of Centaur Partners, discussed evolving industry conditions in technology M&A and equity fundraising and suggested deal-making and negotiation best practices

With decades of experience advising enterprise organizations through M&A and fundraising activities, David shared insights on how to achieve a high valuation, find the optimal buyer or funding organization, and overcome common challenges that occur during the due diligence process.

From building a strategy to closing with a high valuation, David offered “real world” guidance for the following focus areas:

  • The importance of a large Total Available Market (TAM), as compared with a focused, niche or regional "go-to-market" plan with a dominant position
  • The best techniques to present your management team's expertise and founder team dynamics to each potential buyer
  • How to best convey your technical team's background, unique skills, and prior successes
  • The optimal way to position your current product growth opportunity, plus your future development plan to impress the buyer's product diligence team
  • How to maximize the value of proprietary IP (awarded and applied for patents, trademarks, etc.)
  • How the buyer assesses your executive team, board of directors, and current investor base
  • What to expect when negotiating an LOI and then a definitive purchase agreement?
  • The best way to negotiate management and employee retention packages, options, and escrow "holdback" with the buyer


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