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The acquisition of your technology-based business is the culmination of years of collective hard work, a bit of fortune on your side, and critically important, thoughtful preparation. Premium-value outcomes require a mindset and preparation to address your acquirers’ needs, aspirations and strategic challenges.

In this renowned presentation is a classic webinar by a veteran dealmaker and Managing Director, David Stastny revealing the confidential attributes of high multiple and valuable technology company.

David reviews and demonstrates how to recognize, avoid or remediate the “7 Deadly Sins of M&A diligence” to reach an exceptional outcome. David also explores the positive valuation triggers that both strategic, private equity buyers, and minority investors employ to justify premium valuations.

Learn positive valuation tips in the area’s of:
  • Total Available Market “TAM” analysis and optimal niche market dynamics
  • Presenting and optimizing technology company revenue growth trajectory
  • Founding and Executive “best practice” Team training
  • Critical Technology/IP assets
  • 1st mover advantage critical or positioning as a “fast follower”
  • Valuating Unique assets
  • Operating model analysis
  • Revenue model (SAAS) and pipeline review
  • Governance structure-BOD, investors, legal and accounting
  • Competitive environment analysis
  • Crisp Execution and operating plan specifics
Additionally, Mr. Stastny reviewed the “critical M&A Technology Valuation factors and the Seven Deadly Sins" which can cause reduced purchase prices, severe post-deal governance, escrows and earnouts, and often an aborted acquisition process!

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