June 1, 2016

 Web Panel: The Nuts & Bolts of Due Diligence in Biopharma PartneringJoin us for a live and lively discussion about the best practices in due diligence with the goal of forming productive biopharma partnerships.

Biotech licensing and pharmaceutical business development consultant Linda Pullan will be joined by six panelists who are experts in the field of biopharma partnering due diligence.

The panel includes two due diligence experts from global pharmaceutical companies, the Chief Operating Officer of a biopharma with cancer drugs in development in partnership with a global pharmaceutical company, an attorney with expertise in biotechnology licensing, and two consultants with expertise in corporate and business development and the issues that arise during due diligence and afterward, if due diligence hasn't been done well. 

The panelists will discuss the most important aspects to consider during the due diligence process leading up to a successful partnership. Among the topics covered in the discussion are:

  • The importance of IP due diligence
  • What large pharma expects when entering due diligence with a biopharma company
  • Best ways to present and stage information that is disclosed to a potential partner
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them 
  • How to recognize potential problems and address them early in the process
  • The best practices for the best long-term partnerships
  • And more...

If you are seeking to partner with another biopharmaceutical company, or desire to out- or in-license a drug or other asset, you will want to hear these perspectives.

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