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Catching the Next Wave of Platforms & Companies

We realize the word paradigm is overused, especially in BioPharma. And doubly so in Oncology. The pace of our increased understanding of biology, cancer, the immune system, and the evolution of how to engineer in and/or around them are both so rapid that paradigms are overturned almost on a weekly basis. 

And yet some common themes are emerging in both the target landscape and therapeutic modalities. For one, problematic targets, intractable or undruggable, are in fact being addressed via novel small molecule approaches like target protein degradation. Or new ways, on top of RNAi and gene editing, are modulating protein function via targeting of transcription or translation. Biologics, a mainstay of therapy in many cancers, are evolving towards greater efficacy and safety as well as greater diversity of activity, including multifunctionality, such as bispecifics and local activation. Adoptive cell therapies (ACT) are taking many technologies to create living drugs, and are moving towards off-the-shelf formats. And finally, a nascent area that is looking to move the multifunctionality and power of ACT inside the patient’s own body, so-called endogenous reprogramming.

This webinar part of a continuing series of forward-looking sessions as Linda Pullan and Jeff Bockman lead a virtual panel of Oncology luminaries with diverse perspectives including VC, Pharma, Biotech, and Strategic Consulting, in discussing the scientific, clinical, business development, and commercial opportunities and challenges in bringing these novel approaches into the clinic and ultimately to patients.

Come hear as our panelists answer some big questions:

  • What does it take to attract investors to a new approach?
  • What attracts partners to a new platform?
  • What data do they need to see?
  • What are the challenges of development for multifunctionals and pleotropic targets compared to single target drug candidates?
  • How do you think about patient stratification with these novel approaches, whether multi-functional or not?

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