From Founding to Exit - Part II: Scientific Founders from Discovery to Financing Growth

Based on the web panel discussion moderated by Caroline Hoedemaker, MBA PE, Founder and Investor, tTAp a Life Science Accelerator; VALUEDsolutions

It’s not easy to go from a nascent scientific concept to a fully-funded life sciences organization. In this web panel discussion, the panelists discussed the best ways to navigate this path successfully. The discussion provided examples of how executive teams can partner business with science in order to overcome stumbling blocks and achieve results. You'll hear real stories from experienced scientific founders who have been in the trenches from founding to funding to exit.

This white paper provides the transcript of the insightful discussion on…

  • Scientific Passion – A risk, or a reward
  • Enabling novel science to obtain Investor Interest
  • Spinning out Science and Growing your Team
  • Growth and Failures in Science and Financing, and the Importance of Timing
  • When to stick to your guns and when to pivot the science
  • How to listen to, select and grow based on feedback
  • The differences between sectors and types of financing, and exit objectives


the white paper