White Paper: How to Win at the Partnering Game

An Overview of Biotech and Pharmaceutical Partnering with Facts, Fallacies, and Tips

Biotech companies are increasingly seeing the importance of aligning with strategic partners to advance their drug candidates to the market. For the small biotech company, partnering successfully requires knowing how to play the partnering game, from deciding when you should partner, understanding the partnering process both from your perspective and the partner’s, clearly defining what it is you want from a deal, having an understanding of alternatives, and then reaching out to a variety of partners in order to find one that best fits your needs.

In this white paper, Linda Pullan provides a review of the rules of the partnering game – whether it’s partnering from preclinical to late clinical development – to provide an understanding of what to expect in moving from introductions to negotiations of a license or acquisition and how to win with a clear strategy.

the white paper