Now that the Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted final rules amending Regulation A, there are new opportunities to use Regulation A to raise capital or increase liquidity.

Although its availability is not limited to any WP-RegA-sm-1.jpgparticular industry sector, life sciences and biotech companies, community banks, and real estate businesses may find this alternative especially attractive. 

In this white paper, based on a previous webinar, Ms. Pinedo provides an overview of the new rules, focusing especially on Tier 2 offerings, which permit an issuer to raise up to $50 million in proceeds.

The white paper addresses:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Preparation of disclosure materials
  • Testing-the-waters and other communications issues
  • Integration of offerings in close proximity
  • Regulation A as a precursor to an IPO
  • Use by selling stockholders, and
  • Obtaining a concurrent stock exchange listing.

the white paper