Best Practices for Responding to Inbound M&A Solicitations

Every day, business owners are approached by third parties interested in buying their business, as well as brokers professing to represent buyers. These buyers could be individuals, direct competitors, or private equity groups. Even if you have never considered selling your business, with today’s valuations being higher than at any time in the past, the thought might seem enticing. But how do you know if engaging with these prospects is the right decision for your business?     

Recently, we hosted a webinar around the topic. The presentation featured 30-year M&A veteran, Terry Fick of Corporate Finance Associates. Having closed nearly 100 deals throughout his career, Mr. Fick knows a thing or two about whether to respond or not to unsolicited offers. This white paper is based on Mr. Fick's webinar.

In the white paper, Mr. Fick discusses and shares his vast knowledge and expertise on...

  • The various types of buyers and their motivations
  • How to determine if entertaining an offer is the right decision for your business
  • How to determine the seller’s goals and roles post sale
  • What not to do when responding to offers
  • How to match your desired outcome with the appropriate type of buyer
  • Plus much more.

For answers to these and other common questions, or to explore the topic further, download the white paperTo view a recording of the webinar that the white paper is based onclick here.

Read the
White paper



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