Understanding the Most Important–But Least Understood–Part of Every Tech M&A Process 

Valuation is the most crucial part of every tech transaction. It’s the number buyers need to know before moving forward, and it’s the key component in determining the net proceeds to shareholders when a deal closes. Yet the actual process of valuation is not well-understood.

In this white paper, Ben Boissevain of Ascento Capital explores the nuances of valuation, its framework and the processes for getting it right.

Ben shares knowledge from his 30 years of cross border M&A experience as an investment banker to provide attendees an understanding of:

  • Why valuation is difficult and why we often get it wrong
  • Real-world examples of valuations gone haywire
  • Rock-solid valuation methodologies for both sell-side and buy-side companies
  • Practical tips for sell-side companies to maximize valuation

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